Back Order

What Is Back Order?
At Ghost Vanity we try our best to make sure all products are fully stocked, but given high demand and popularity of Ghost Vanity products some items may be temporarily placed on back order - but not to worry!

When a product goes out of stock we place it on 'back order' - this allows you to purchase the item so that once it is restocked you are first in line to receive it.

In other words, if you purchase - or have purchased - an item on back order, and you have received an order confirmation with an order number and that means your credit card has been successfully charged. So once the product hits our warehouse floor, your order will ship out immediately.

When Will My Back Order Purchase Ship?
Your order will ship out as soon as the back order item(s) in your order is in the Ghost Vanity warehouse.

If you have placed an order for multiple items and one or more items is on back order your order will only ship once all back order items are back in stock.

If you would like to split your order and receive the in stock items right away then:


Please include your order number to ensure a timely response.

Can I Purchase An Item On Back Order?
At Ghost Vanity, we make sure that you never miss out on purchasing your must have Bombay product(s).

So YES you can place your order on any item that is on back order - by doing so, you guarantee your order!